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Vince McMahon BCA Custom added!

Custom made Vinnie Mac in the Jakks Bone Crunching Action (BCA) style. He’s super jacked and super tan just like Jakks should have done him. This is one of many BCA customs to come soon. I intend to make them all fit in with the rest of my BCA collection.


Traditional and Airbrush with acrylics.
Vince McMahon BattlePack head (Mattel)
D’Lo Brown BCA Torso (Jakks/BCA)
Dr. Death Arms (Jakks/BCA)
Crush Crotch Piece (Jakks/BCA)
Stone Cold Legs (Jakks/BCA)

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Picking it back up

I’ve not been updating much in the past year or so but I plan on showing off more stuff in the near future. I have been tinkering with new things here and there including customizing some 31″ action figures. Some of these will include actual full body costumes and in some cases, even real boots.

Also on the docket-
-Several Bone Crunching Action style customs
-Masters of the Universe Classics customs
-Plush “Ring Runts” (Chibi like plush creations)
-Possibly revisiting making Rassle Pals/Wrestling Buddies
-Several unique custom projects

Also, I may be posting a lot more work-in-progress pics of current project to help some of those that ask question on how I do things.

Thanks for checking my stuff out! Hang tight for some updates.

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Fire Ninja’s Official Debut!

You have seen the pics from Power-Con 2016 where my Retro Kombat Fire Ninja made his debut to the public, but here is the “official” debut of the first in the Retro Kombat line – Fire Ninja!

Only 6 of this figure will ever be made! They will go on sale Saturday, July 9 at 10am only on Once they sell out that’s it, so get one while you can!

In the near future a special “Fatality Edition” of Fire Ninja will be available only through a social media promotion! (to be announced soon)

Don’t forget, later this month the ICE NINJA makes his official debut. He will be limited to 6 pieces only and will only be available on as well.

More characters will be made in the same fashion, also limited to 6, and will only be available here, at! Keep an eye out here, my Facebook, and even Instagram!

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Post Power-Con Update

Power-Con 2016 was a blast! It was the first major convention experience for PhiliPro Toy Co. I made lots of friends and met many whose customs have been an inspiration for a long time. Very cool to put a face to the screen name.

There are a couple of “Fire Ninja” Retro Kombat figures left over that I will be putting in stock in my store soon. I’ll announce it on Facebook and my homepage, so keep checking back soon. The “Ice Ninja” is coming up quickly and will go on sale in mid July, followed by “Lizard Ninja” in August. The super popular 4-armed “Dragon Boss” is still being tweaked but will be for sale later this summer.

Keep in mind that once I do a run I will not make more of the same character. What does that mean for you? If you want to collect all of the characters that I will make, you need to buy them as they come out! Don’t miss one in the run – they will all have matching packaging and will look great as a group hanging on your wall. I will be sprinkling in some one-off variant chase figures with special paint apps or alternate heads, so keep an eye out for those as well.

Also, the He-Man and Skeletor “Rassle Pals” sold very well at the show. Only one He-Man is left and will go up in the store soon. Next will be Hordak and will be limited to a strict run of 4 only, and one is already spoken for! Stay tuned – PhiliPro is just now picking up steam!

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Shrinking a Head: Part 2


Impressive results! I had some leftover resin while pulling some casts and decided to fill the mold I was shrinking. Here is the result. It is a perfectly scaled down version of the bigger part. Just like I wanted! I am going to repeat the process to get it down to the size I need.

Observations: The detail is PERFECT. The only thing I notice, and by asking opinions of those around me it may just me an illusion, but the cast seems a tiny bit thinner (x-axis) than the original. Not by much at all, but only a tiny bit. This might be because the mold has not finished shrinking. I’ll pull another cast from it before I finalize my results.

More cool stuff on the way soon – stay tuned.

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Trial run at shrinking a head

Been toying with the idea of shrinking/growing figure parts for years. I read on a forum a while back that you can shrink hollow vinyl heads (like Mego/Remco/MOTU) by soaking them in acetone. The head absorbs the acetone and swells. Some materials act different than others and even thin materials can be very fragile and rip. You set it out to dry and it shrinks a little bit. Once the acetone has evaporated from the head, the part will be slightly smaller than it was to start with. (See the pic with the black Scorpion head). This is a good method for very small increments of shrinking. It didn’t shrink nearly as much as I wanted, but thought I’d try anyway. Now to shrink it further with other methods…

Shrinking mold Scorpion Head

At one time I bought Hydrospan and Hydroshrink but I didn’t like it because I didn’t have any experience in mold making at the time; Plus, the work time on that stuff was way too short. I was successful with a couple of casts but it had so many air bubbles it was not usable without a lot of work. I didn’t have a pressure pot back then, but even if I did the quick set time wouldn’t allow me to pressurize it in time. I won’t try this out again-especially if the new way works.

Smooth-On posted some guides on how to shrink and grow the mold, NOT the cast. You mold using a quick set silicone and add solvent to the mix. I vacuum pump the silicone then pour it. The silicone will set just fine, it’s just a little weak and can tear easy. Once the part is removed you set it out to let the solvent evaporate. I have tried this and by day 3 it seems to be working out. I plan on taking pics of the progress until the solvent has fully evaporated. Supposedly, this leaves a shrunk, perfectly proportionate mold that you can cast materials just like you would a regular silicone mold. (You can toy with the ratio of solvent to silicone to adjust the shrinking size. Less solvent = less shrinkage. They recommend not exceeding a 1:1 mix)

Here is a progress pic of my current experiment. I molded the above head in regular silicone (Mold Star 30) and cast a resin blank. I then molded the blank with the “shrinking mixture” (Mold Star 16 + NOVOCS solvent). Once it cured, I pulled the part out and let the mold sit. As of day 3, here is what it looks like.

Shrinking mold day 3


I’ll give an update on the mold in 2 days or so to see what size the mold is at. I’ll follow this up with a final report on how well the mold produces a cast and how it handles the pressure pot. I am hoping for a perfect cast!





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Come out to see PhiliPro!

It’s looking like I’ll be a part of the North Dallas Toy Show on April 4th. I will mostly be selling extra toys from my collection that no longer fit, toys that are being stored and not displayed, and some doubles I may have. I will do my best to have custom parts for sale, as well as full customs to offer. At minimum, I will bring some completed custom figures for display. Prototypes of a few Retro Kombat figures will be there as well.

Admission is only $2 for adults. It’s a small, intimate toy show full of figures and Hot Wheels. It’s worth your time for this kind of money. Come out and support the vendors!